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A group exhibition by Bird pit, Lee yunho, May kim, Okeh, Studio millionroses, Yun insol, Yu seungheon — ONWARD AND OUT at Worship gallery, December 13rd 2019 — January 4th 2020  Exhibition curation, Art direction

Dilla Day Seoul 2020, February 10th 2020  Project, Creative direction

Dizzy Magazine History 101 Show with Mexican 7 Artists — at Micro Service, May 29th — June 5th 2021  Exhibition curation, Project

A solo exhibition by Park Hyeun Ho — EVERYTHING IN ITS RIGHT PLACE at Worship gallery, July 31st — August 30th 2020  Artist management, Project

A solo exhibition by NAH — MORTAL GLITCH at Worship gallery, November 1st — November 22nd 2020  Artist management, Packaging design, Distribution

Artist Residency with Park Hyeun Ho — Open studio at Micro Service, May 7th — May 15th 2021  Artist management, Project

A visual history of skateboard culture in seoul: exhibition by '보물' — at Worship gallery, June 19th — July 4th 2021  Exhibition curation, Project, Art direction, Publication

A solo exhibition by Kim Yoon Kee — 오렍 봍 at Micro Service, Sep 17th — Oct 1st 2022  Exhibition curation, Publication

A solo exhibition by Jacob Consenstein — KEEPSAKE at Micro Service, Oct 15th — Oct 28th 2022  Exhibition curation

A solo exhibition by Chito — 세상은 나의 스케치북 at Micro Service, Dec 11th — Dec 17th 2022  Public Relations, Publication

A solo exhibition by Pandasex — 30 MINUTE MASSAGE at Micro Service, Apr 29th — May 12th 2023  Public Relations, Distribution

A solo exhibition by Adam Zhu — NICE DAZE at Micro Service, Apr 15th — Apr 22nd 2023  Public Relations, Distribution

A solo exhibition by Ryota Daimon — PEACEFUL DESTRUCTION at Micro Service, Jun 10th — Jun 23rd 2023  Public Relations, Distribution, Filming

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